A Chapter Closes

Jewelry being Taken to Cottonwood Gallery
September 30, 2012  A chapter comes to a close and a new one begins! This week has been an eventful one as my responsibilities for the Cottonwood Artists’ School draws to a close and my responsibilities as Cottonwood’s Education Consultant starts to surface. Until a new Education Manager actually steps into place, I am the contact person for the school’s instructors. I’m excited about the new position primarily because I get to spend more .

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons Available

Sterling Silver Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Earrings
September 28, 2012  Tonight was the Opening Reception for the Susan G Komen for the Cure at Cottonwood Center for the Arts. While I did make some sales tonight from my studio; none of it was jewelry. There was a lot of interest in my coral & amber necklace, and it was tried on. Unfortunately, it went back onto the mannequin. People are intrigued with the neck wire and really like the stone combination. .

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons

Sterling Silver Ribbon Pendant set with a Synthetic Rose Zircon
September 27, 2012  Today I accomplished completing 3 projects thanks to my mentor, Sandy Murphy. Without the use of her Optivisor, I’d have never been able to see the stones to set them. I was able to complete 2 pairs of post earrings and a pendant. I plan on completing the last pair of earrings (finishing) and the remaining 2 pendants tomorrow before the opening reception of the Susan G Komen for the Cure – .

Another Quick Summary

September 24, 2012  And once again I resort to a quick summary instead of a daily adventure. The upside is that I’m only a week down… the downside is just like everything else, the details will be missing. After reviewing last week’s Ribbons, Lace & Larimar, I’ve decided to update the status of a couple of them as well as add a new one. 1) Let’s start with Lace – The sketch shows the piercing .

Ribbons, Lace & Larimar

September 17, 2012  A lot of things have happened since the post of September 4. While the title Ribbons, Lace & Larimar rolls off the tongue, I’m going to report on the projects in a slightly different order. 1) Lace – After burning through (also interpreted as “melting through”) two separate bezel wires (7″ long each) while trying to solder it to the base, I’ve decided that I’ve learned a rather expensive lesson… one that I really .

It’s Really Crazy!

Crazy Lace Agate
September 4, 2012  Yes, it really is crazy! Today, after spending some time looking at the silver base and realizing that I needed some bezel cups, I picked up the amber along with the base and headed to Ackley’s. Once over there, I picked up the small bezel cups and decided to look at larger pieces of amber. I selected 3 along with bezel cups. After a little more shopping, I headed back to .

Balloons Have Flown the Coop!

Nick Meleski (Pilot) & Jerri Marr (Forest Services)
September 3, 2012  It’s now 9:30p Monday evening and the thunder is rolling very vociferously. All of the hot air balloons have flown the coop and have been heading out-of-town since 10a this morning. The 36th Colorado Balloon Classic has completed another successful event. Saturday we had a beautiful morning of flying finished off with an amazing night for the Balloon Glo®. Sunday morning was a little disappointing in that the balloons didn’t fly, .