Turquoise Mines of Colorado

Colorful Colorado: Home to six military bases, 53 fourteeners, the world’s largest flattop mountain, America’s highest paved road, the highest mean altitude of all the states, and the highest incorporated city in the United States.  Colorado also hosts the world’s largest rodeo each year, features 222 wildlife areas, and lays claim to the longest continuous street in the country.   And Colorado contains several high-quality turquoise mines.   Though not as famous, Colorado’s turquoise .

That Handsome Couple – Silver and Turquoise

Sterling silver is the spectacular showcase for turquoise in pieces of Southwest jewelry.  And it’s not a new coupling.  This handsome couple of silver and turquoise have been together from way back. Silver first began to be mined about 5000 years ago in the region that is now Turkey.   After a few thousand years, Greece became the silver mining center.  Spain’s silver mines were the next major production source.  After that, silver mining moved .