December’s Crown Jewel

Whether it’s a birthstone ring you received on your 13th birthday, a proudly worn necklace with each of your children’s birthstones, or a watch with a solitary gem marking your birth month, you’ve probably worn or admired a birthstone. This single shining jewel signifies the time of year we came into the world, and it gives special meaning to the piece of jewelry on which we wear it.   Though the idea of birthstones is .

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone

Are you looking for unique Christmas gifts?  Gifts as distinctive as the one you love?  At Dusty Shutt Silver, you’ve struck the motherlode for Christmas gift ideas for your special someone.  Beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry pieces that are sure to delight the heart and inspire the spirit of your beloved.   Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will express your heart for your special someone – or to wear as your .