Tips for Choosing the Right Bracelet

Choosing the right bracelet is no different than choosing the right wardrobe: Work within your body type, find and stick with your personal fashion sense – and go for something a little wild every now and then. Your jewelry is the finishing touch for your whole look, so it’s important that you make it count. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you make the right decision as you shop .

When Your Jewelry Tells Your Story

The pieces of jewelry we wear often tell a story. Our wedding band and rings carry deep meaning for us of our life-covenant to love and be loved by our spouse. Mothers wear rings or necklaces with the birth month jewels of their children. Bracelets bear the charms that reveal that we love America, or New York, or margaritas. Earring emblems vary with our activities, ranging from poinsettias and snowmen for fun at Christmas, .