How to Wear Jewelry at Work

Wearing jewelry at work can be a tricky endeavor. When done correctly, however, jewelry can be an excellent way to complete your office attire and set you apart. In more conservative offices, only simple earrings and subtle bracelets are acceptable. People who work in more creative fields can carry off a bit more adornment, yet it’s still important to choose those pieces well.   Wearing jewelry at work may be tricky, but there are .

Colorado Flair: Fun Facts and Fabulous Jewelry

Colorado is a top vacation destination in these United States. This state has much about which to boast. Incredible, jaw-dropping beauty abounds at incredible altitude. Colorado flair is everywhere. And Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry shows off some of that Colorado flair with incredible attitude. Check out the grand variety of hand-crafted, nature-inspired jewelry pieces created by Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry with that Colorado high-country flair. And check out these facts for some fun info .