Freshwater Vs Saltwater Pearls

Pearls, one of the world’s few organic gemstones, are a versatile symbol of beauty and purity. Both classic and contemporary, the pearl remains a mainstay of well-stocked jewelry collections. All pearls grow inside a variety of hinged-shell mollusks known as bivalves, but there are many ways to classify pearls. The two types of non-imitation pearls are natural and cultured. A natural pearl is simply one that has formed spontaneously inside a mollusk with no .

Dusty Shutt Silver – For the Nature-Lover in You

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” as the saying goes, but what if you’re a nature-lover who genuinely prefers sterling silver and turquoise to gold and diamonds? Dusty Shutt Silver understands and fulfills your preference.   Are you searching for a jeweler who inspires the nature-lover that indwells your soul? Dusty Shutt’s hand-crafted pieces allow you to wear the glory of the sky and lake, the majesty of the mountains, the mystery of the .