Day-to-Night Jewelry…And Everything In Between

Where are you going today? Summer has found many of us jamming our calendars with before work coffee dates and after hours get-togethers, and our jewelry must suitably span the time and the activities. Even now as summer winds down, autumn doesn’t promise to be any slower. The lattes change to pumpkin and the parties move indoors, but we still want our jewelry to match and work with whatever we’re doing. Day-to-night jewelry is .

Roots With Wings – When Heirloom Jewelry Gets A Makeover

You’ve inherited your great aunt’s wonderful old jewelry pieces, but they’re not your style. Don’t drop the pieces into your jewelry box and forget about them. Oh, no. There’s way too much fun to be had with them to do that! They’ve lots of wear left in them! Your imagination is the limit to what these treasures can be transformed into with just a little help from the jewelers at Dusty Shutt Silver.   .