The End, The Beginning, and Everything Between

Twenty-fifteen has come to a close. What happened in your life last year? Was a child born? An engagement ring given? Did you lose someone? Did you find someone?   For all you’ve been, all you’ve seen, all you’ve experienced, come find the perfect piece of jewelry to signify your journey through 2015 at Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry.   Twenty-sixteen now beckons us with promises of new beginnings, new chances, fresh starts. What will .

The Ultimate Rockhound Destination in Colorado

There’s a special breed of people among us. They eagerly listen to stories and explore many a location in search of the ultimate rock hound destination in Colorado. They’re a hardy lot and a difficult trail merely adds to their excitement. They have a keen eye and a fascinated determination to find the best spot for the gems of their choice. The higher elevations do not dampen their spirits. One worthy acquisition feeds the .