Coloradans at the Arizona Fine Arts Expo

We are already over a month into the nearly three-month long Arizona Fine Arts Expo. What a wonderful opportunity we have to showcase our Dusty Shutt Silver, Ltd. jewelry and to get to know the fine arts and artists making an appearance here.   Our beautiful state of Colorado is well represented here at the Expo. Guadalupe Apodaca of Fort Collins amazes fans and critics alike with precise portrayals of a person’s face in .

The Trying of Silver

The silver around your finger, at your earlobes, around your neck or wrist, has been through the war to get there. It’s been dug, mined, melted, refined, separated, added to, forged, and shaped. It’s ancient. It’s hardy. It holds value. Especially to you, the precious value of silver can be its monetary value and its sentimental value. And once it’s been worked over by the jewelers at Dusty Shutt Silver, its value is intensified .