For the Love of Anklets: The How-To for Wearing Ankle Bracelets

Spring is officially here! The time has arrived for shorts and sandals, Capri pants and kitten pumps, mini skirts and slingbacks, bathing suits and ankle bracelets. Yes, you read that correctly. Ankle bracelets have made a fashion comeback in a big way. So if you’ve still got that sweet anklet you sported in high school (I do!), dig it out from where you stuffed it for nostalgia’s sake, and give it a shot.   .

4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry

Spring surrounds us with clean, greening lawns, tidied and readied flower beds – even our finances are in order as tax time coincides with the coming of Spring.  We’ve cleaned our homes and rearranged our wardrobes according to the anticipated warmer weather. Did you know that spring cleaning should also include your jewelry? Dusty Shutt Silver provides you with these tips and do’s and don’ts for keeping your jewelry sparkling. Let’s rummage through your .