The Mystery of Colorado’s History

Colorado is made up of all of God’s finest: vibrant blue skies, majestic mountain vistas, seas of wildflowers, diverse animal life, brawny pines and mighty oaks, year-round sunshine, arid deserts, raging rivers, canyons, caverns, mystery, and history. Colorado joined the union in 1876 as America’s 38th state, earning her the nickname “The Centennial State”. Spanning over 104,000 square miles, she’s the country’s eighth largest state in terms of land mass. The name Colorado is .

A Stroll Down Silversmith Lane

In taking a stroll down Silversmith Lane, we discover that a silversmith is a craftsman who shapes, by hammer and heat, objects from silver. Silver, since ancient times, has been manipulated into hollowware, flatware, and jewelry. The tools and techniques haven’t changed dramatically since the early days of silversmithing. Laser cutting has evolved, but still the hammer and heat are employed.   Discovery of the oldest known piece of silversmithed silver dates back to .