Fall in Love with Fall Jewelry

The 22nd of September ushered in the beginning of a new season, and autumn now graces us with her annual beauty. The verdant colors of summer are fast fading away, giving the go-ahead for the vibrant hues of fall. And as nature changes her wardrobe, so do we. Sleeves get longer, as do pant-lengths. Flip-flops are put away and boots come out to play. Heavier fabrics take the place of airy ones as sweaters .

When Inspiration Strikes

Where are you when inspiration strikes for decorating your home? Or your front porch? Or yourself? Who or what inspires your inner creativity when you stand and survey the rooms of your home when the place feels ready for a bit of redo? When you stand in front of the mirror thinking you’re ready for a bit of do-over? Or your closet? Or your jewelry cabinet? Is it something you saw in a magazine? .