Your Style, Your Way

Do you regularly peruse jewelry ads just to be disappointed – yet again? Do you find yourself admiring another person’s accessories, all the while thinking of how you would prefer it just a bit different? Do others gift you pendants or earrings, but they just aren’t your style? Then come to Dusty Shutt Silver, Ltd. to get your style, your way. Don’t like dangles or noisy charms? Don’t care for tight fitting chokers or .

Switching Your Wardrobe to Winter Jewelry

  Fall has come to the Colorado high country. And winter is swift on its heels. We residents have switched from summer’s lightweight apparel to warmer, weightier wear. And our accessories have followed suite. Dusty Shutt Silver has accessories for every season of the year. When you pull on your sweaters and boots, choose Dusty Shutt Silver’s cobblestone cuff to wear on your wrist. Made of sterling silver and grand chunks of turquoise, it .