Dusty Shutt Silver: For Those on Your Nice List!

My, how time flies doesn’t it!? How is it mid-December already? Pumpkin spice everything magically turned into peppermint everything and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…even if Colorado’s weather does seem a bit bipolar this year. But it’s just over a week until Christmas and it’s not too late to check those lists twice. Who are you buying for this Christmas? A spouse? A treasured child? A teenager becoming an adult? And .

The Twelve Days of Christmas

The days leading to Christmas can run short and leave us breathless as we try to catch up to the gift-giving holiday. Or there are those organized and methodical people whose days are scheduled and orderly, sedate and planned, falling delightfully into place per expectation. For those of us in the former camp, breathlessly running behind, Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry offers encouragement. The Twelve Days of Christmas actually start with Christmas Day, or the .