5 Ways to Get Your Man to Buy You Jewelry

It’s an age old complaint: “My man never buys me jewelry!” But how many of us ladies realize that the solution may just lie with…us? Let’s look at five reasons men often don’t buy jewelry, and five ways to get your man to buy you jewelry! 1. Men don’t know what their ladies like or want. OK, ladies, we have a bad habit of expecting men to just “know” what we like and what .

A New Love for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to fall in love. And we’re here to be your matchmaker! We have the perfect match for you and are excited to make the introduction! We may half-heartedly deny it, but we all want an eye-catcher when we fall in love.  One with good looks, a unique character that’s not influenced by every fashion and fancy that floats by, with a sense of personal style, of enduring .