A New Love for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to fall in love. And we’re here to be your matchmaker! We have the perfect match for you and are excited to make the introduction!

We may half-heartedly deny it, but we all want an eye-catcher when we fall in love.  One with good looks, a unique character that’s not influenced by every fashion and fancy that floats by, with a sense of personal style, of enduring quality that has taken the hammer and withstood the fire. Maybe the strong and silent type, yet speaking volumes. Or one with delicate beauty and classic elegance. Rugged, or smooth, or a combination of each, rewarding us with the best of both worlds.  One we’re proud to be seen with, proud to have on our arm, hanging around our neck, or whispering at our ear. We want a keeper.

After that list of must-haves for a new love for the New Year, are you ready for your introduction? Drum roll, please.

photo credit: www.dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

Proudly presenting Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry – your new love for the New Year. Hand-crafted jewelry with all the good looks your heart could desire. Each piece uniquely created with strong character and style unswayed by fickle fashion. Each piece formed from fantastic imagination influenced by nature with a Colorado flair. Choose pieces strong and rugged or delicate and elegant. Each piece carefully shaped and fired by the incredibly talented silversmiths at Dusty Shutt Silver. You’ll fall in love, we’re certain.

photo credit: www.dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry provides elements of the natural world recreated for the nature lover – reminiscent of sky and streams and bears and trees in sterling silver and turquoise. And the style and elegance of pearls in settings of gold or silver for the lover of fine jewelry. Rugged pieces. Delicate pieces.  This new love for the New Year has everything your heart longs for and then some. Get a good look at your new love online.  It’s a match made in heaven.

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