Grow Your Business Doing Face-to-Face Sales

It works. You can grow your business doing face-to-face sales. In our increasingly digital business environment, the warmth and power of in-person interactions are becoming more rare and valuable. The human touch is nearly magic. Dusty Shutt Silver Ltd. presents these amazing results of bringing face, voice, and genuine likeability to the sales transaction and what it can accomplish for your business.   Build trust: Face-to-face sales build relationship. A friendly greeting and light .

What’s Love Got to do With it?

The short, often cold month of February hosts numerous famous birthdays and interesting holidays such as Groundhog Day, President’s Day, and Mardi Gras. It’s also National Bird Feeding Month and National Dental Month and boasts the Super Bowl, America’s largest and most watched football game of the year. But American Heart Month is most famed for Valentine’s Day, the day on which love in all its various forms from sensual and romantic to brotherly .