New Beginnings

In typical Colorado fashion, spring is here once again. Warm, sunny days are mixed in with chilly reminders that it’s still early in the season; spring break came, bringing happy, laughing children to the playgrounds, and left, bringing bright yellow buses back to the streets from their quiet parking lots – but just for a couple of more months; and sheets of rain washed away winter blues ushering the new life that bursts forth from the earth in hues of green, pink, lavender, and yellow. And here at Dusty Shutt Silver, we are welcoming new beginnings, as well, with three new locations to better serve you!

Now open in the Arati Artists Gallery in Old Colorado City, you can find us at 2425 W Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. We can also now be found at the brand new Wickenburg Artisans Gallery in Wickenburg, Arizona and, on April 5th, we will be open in Rain Riders Gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. New beginnings, indeed!

In the spirit of spring and fresh starts, Dusty Shutt has also created and released new pieces featuring sterling silver, cubic zirconia, turquoise, gold, and her breathtaking artistry and skill. These brand new neck pieces and earrings are just in time for a spring fling with your love of jewelry!

Dusty Shutt Silver designs

Dusty Shutt is dedicated to bringing pure, true, and lovely things to your life through unique, hand-crafted jewelry. And as we welcome spring, we welcome you to join us in our new beginnings. Come see us at our new locations! We invite you to peruse our showcases and talk with us about your story. Tell us what you’re looking for. We are happy to design custom-created pieces just for you or your loved ones. Happy spring, everyone…here is to new beginnings!

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