The Prom: Jewelry for all Ages and Stages

Prom season has arrived again! Flowing dresses and done-up hair, long limos and nervous dates, corsages and boutonnieres, loud music and fun dances. Chaperons keep a watchful eye out and young hopefuls do, too. The excitement, the tension, and the fun in the atmosphere is palpable during this season.

Of course, the dress is of utmost importance for a young lady attending the prom. It must fit well, it must move well, and it must fall in line with how she desires to be perceived. The color must complement her complexion, the cut must suit her shape, and the style must express her personality. Yes, the dress is crucial.

But there are other features to consider as well. The shoes must be stylish and comfortable. The hair must be soft and flexible. The makeup must be natural and radiant, the nails manicured and shined. The bag must be small yet spacious, the tickets reserved and paid for. The date must be kind and courteous, the corsage lovely and durable. And the jewelry. Well, the jewelry must be simply outstanding. And Dusty Shutt Silver is the place to go.

When it’s time for your special evening, come see us…we’ll make you sparkle and shine the whole night through! Whether you’re looking for a simple and modest ensemble or something with a little more pizzazz, we’ll work with your style, your taste, and your dress until you’ve found just the right pieces for your prom adventure.

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Pearl Opera Rope

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Take a look through our website and check out our Facebook page. Then contact us or come on in to the Arati Gallery in Old Colorado City, located at 2425 W Colorado Avenue. You found the perfect guy, the perfect dress, and the perfect shoes, now come find your perfect accessories at Dusty Shutt Silver.


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