Wear the Flair

Colorado natives are a proud crowd. They brag about the Bi-centennial state and her many splendors, and are fervent followers of her extreme sports. Colorado high country flair is wide-flung wherever they look. Climbing the “fourteeners” to breathe fresh air on mountaintops, bicycling the miles and miles of rugged trails, jeepers and skiers and hikers – whatever her natives, and visitors, are into, Colorado provides soaring scenery and perfect playgrounds.


Colorado high country flair is nowhere more obvious than at Dusty Shutt Silver. Proud wearers of Dusty’s handcrafted silver and turquoise jewelry pieces sport their favorite selections of her unique collections. Dusty’s imagination allows you to wear the flair by shaping jewelry pieces that reflect Colorado’s expansive skies, rugged mountains, and clear streams. Using fire-forged metals, semi-precious stones, and her mind’s eye, Dusty creates fabulous Colorado high country flair for you to wear and enjoy.

photo credit: www.dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

Smart and sharp, rough and rugged, or smooth and delicate – whatever your taste in jewelry, there is much to love at Dusty Shutt Silver. If your focus is on fly fishing in clear streams, you’ll love the hand-shaped sterling silver necklace piece depicting your favorite stream wandering through the landscape. If wildlife is your passion, choose the wolf print cuff and wear the flair. Pearls, smooth and eternally classic, hang delicately from your earlobes when you choose from Dusty’s collections. Wear the forever-sunset creation and carry your personal calm place with you.

photo credit: dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

For special occasions, or for everyday, you can wear the flair with the imaginative and innovative pieces of jewelry found at Dusty Shutt Silver. Colorado’s natural beauty and high country flair can complement your own beauty and style when you shop with us. Visit us online. Come into our shop at the Arati Gallery in Old Colorado City. Find us on Facebook. Choose from our amazing pieces and collections. We’ll also work with you to produce a piece of your own design. Come in once, and you’ll come back often. Come in today.

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