Wear the Wild

Father’s Day approaches. And so starts the mad scramble: what do we buy him this year? A gift card from the local hardware store for yet another tool? A tie he’ll never wear even if it is a Jerry Garcia? A wallet? Dusty Shutt Silver has a better idea for items on your shopping list. Let’s honor our man and choose a gift he’ll wear with pride while feeling that we really do get what he’s about. Buy something that will allow him to express and wear the wild side of his being.

photo credit: dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry provides you with ideas for a Father’s Day gift he’ll brag about for years to come. He’ll proudly wear the wild when he puts on the Rattlesnake Ranch Cuff. Or the Kingman Silver Leaf Cuff. Or the Wolf Print Cuff. Or how about the Bad Boys Aspen Leaf, large or small, hanging from a beefy, good-looking chain? Weighty and masculine, these unique pieces of jewelry will for sure please your man this Father’s Day.

Rattlesnake Ranch Cuff

photo credit: dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

Choose from Dusty’s creations born of her masterful mating of sterling silver and turquoise. Masculine jewelry and watches are here for your exploration and selection. Knock his socks off with your loving and insightful choice of a Father’s Day gift for the man in your life. He’ll know you’re brilliant, and he’ll know why he chose you when you choose a gift that allows him to wear the wild that lurks deep within.

Burtis Blue Olive Fork Bracelet

photo credit: dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

You’re welcome to design your own gift for the man in your life. Come into our shop in the Arati Gallery in Old Colorado City, or visit us on Facebook. Dusty will listen and discuss your options, and together you can come up with a piece you’re wanting crafted. Come early, or visit us online, because there’s always a waiting list for handmade pieces at Dusty Shutt Silver. Thrill him this Father’s Day. Present him with a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable gift that lets him wear the wild. And congrats for a gift well chosen.

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