The Furnace and The Hammer

The furnace refines and softens. The hammer shapes. The silversmith uses both to form the silver into pieces of jewelry you want to wear.

The blast of heat removes impurities and brings sterling silver to its best value. The fire takes the silver from solid and unyielding to malleable, ready to be shaped by the craftsman’s imagination.

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The master then transfers the prepared silver from the furnace to his worktable and begins the process of creating something unique from this fired metal. Now is the time to bring out the hammer. Whether the method and end result call for blows or taps, flattening or final shaping, the creator knows what he requires from the silver. And the longer he labors over the piece, the greater its value becomes.

Kingman Silver Leaf Cuff

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The hand that tends the silver in the furnace and wields the hammer with finesse belongs to the one whose mind’s eye sees the completed creation on a wrist or hanging from ears or the neck. The finished product will satisfy him – and you. After all, at Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry, the jewelers bring the furnace and the hammer into play for your ultimate pleasure.

When you choose pieces of jewelry designed by the silversmiths at Dusty Shutt Silver, you’re adding value and outstanding beauty to your collection. These handcrafted creations can define your unique personality. Or can speak for your special interests. Or can delight someone you love as a thoughtful gift. Check out the individual pieces and collections that allow you to give voice to your inner feelings or help others express themselves.

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The fabulous finished pieces that come from the furnace, hammer, and hand of the silversmiths at Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry reveal nature-influenced imagination and stunning craftsmanship. Check us out online and on Facebook or in the Arati Artists Gallery in Old Colorado City and The WAG in Wickenburg, AZ. You’ll love what you see. Wear it with pride.

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