Our Love Affair With Jewelry

This one we readily admit to – our love affair with jewelry. Our eyes are drawn to it wherever it’s displayed – on others, in the counter, in the window. We’re always checking it out. And critiquing it. “Nice.” “Expensive.” “Good taste.” Or our thoughts may be negative. But we’re constantly noticing jewelry wherever we see it. And we’re always happy to show off our own.


What is it with us and jewelry? We drape strands around our necks. We slip it on our wrists and fingers. We hang it from our ears. We wear it as symbols of love or to commemorate births. To reveal religious beliefs or simply because we love the piece. Oh, yes. Our love affair with jewelry is obvious to everyone. No one is trying to hide this one.

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We’ve been fascinated by jewels and ornaments since early on. We pierce baby’s ears. We put plastic baubles on stretchy string for the wrists of our little ones. And the love affair continues… Daddies purchase promise rings for their teenaged daughters. Mamas shop with those daughters for trinkets and treasures to wear as ornament. Guys buy engagement rings and wedding rings for the love of their life. And wives buy cuffs and symbols of significance for their men. We buy class rings and pinkie rings and earrings. The attraction to jewelry, it seems, never fades.

McGinnis & Sleeping Beauty Cuff

photo credit:dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

Dress-well coaches instruct us to buy quality jewelry over quantity. Let your jewelry announce your standing in society, they encourage us. Purchase authentic rather than artificial. Save through the year and acquire one great piece of jewelry annually rather than pick up pieces that are inferior. Let your love affair be valued as a rich one.

photo credit:dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

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