New Ways to Wear Your Old Jewelry

We women are infamous for peering into our closets, which are stuffed to the hilt with all sorts colorful clothes, and wistfully muttering, “I have nothing to wear!” What we mean, of course, is “I have nothing I want to wear today!” Not one garment in that overflowing wardrobe appeals to our mood that day. The once “simply marvelous” top, or fits-just-right pair of pants, now hangs unused because we want to wear something that reflects how we feel at the time.

We often feel the same way when searching through our jewelry box for that just-right piece. We may have several beautiful, quality items, but if none of them fit our mood of the day, we can feel as though we simply have no jewelry to wear! What we need, however, is to see what we can actually do with what we have. So here are three new ways to wear your old jewelry.

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Layer Bracelets and Necklaces

This tip may seem intimidating, but done well, it gives a classy upgrade to your older pieces. Always keep your metals unified, and for bracelets, choose a main piece and layer from there. For necklaces, wear at least three pieces at a time, all of different length. You’ll want to start with the shortest and layer down to the longest. Add color with pendants and extra length and style with lariats.

Wear Pieces in a Unique Way

This tip is a super fun way to spice up how you wear your older pieces! Attach a colorful brooch to a wide belt, double up a long necklace to make layers, accessorize sunglasses or slip-in shoes with clip-on earrings, wrap a long necklace around your waist to make a stylish belt, or tie a knot in a long pearl necklace to create a new look. Wind a pastel silk scarf loosely around a brightly colored necklace to give a softer feel, place a long pendant backward to accessorize a low-back dress, or wear your mid-ring as an ear cuff.

Upgrade Your Existing Pieces

Sometimes older pieces simply need an upgrade! Perhaps that blue topaz ring would look better with a fiery sapphire. Maybe your two-stone Mother’s Ring needs another stone added since the new baby came along. Have you considered re-sizing that ring you never wear on your thumb to a pinky ring you would wear?

Dusty Shutt Silver is your one-stop store for upgrading existing jewelry. If you need a stone replaced, a metal repaired, a piece re-sized, an addition, a reduction, or a complete overhaul, Dusty Shutt will give you and your jewelry the attention you deserve. When you’re ready to find new ways to wear your old jewelry, come see us at the Arati Gallery in Old Colorado City or at the WAG in Wickenburg, Arizona. We look forward to working with you!

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