First Class Customer Service

First class customer service. You want it. You deserve it. We’ve got it. At Dusty Shutt Silver, we value our visitors as friends, and enjoy building lasting relationships. We take the time to learn what our friends expect, and we adjust to meet those expectations. We appreciate hearing from our guests and we follow up on both positive and negative feedback. We listen to all concerns and work hard to find a solution. We .

Give Thanks – and Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry

November is the month Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day, and Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry encourages us to remember with gratitude our many blessings. Actually, November is crammed full of things to recall. Did you know that in November… President Lincoln gave his now-famous Gettysburg Address? Parker Brothers brought out their Monopoly game? Mark Twain was born? President Kennedy was assassinated? The Erie Canal was opened? North and South Dakota joined the Union? Veteran’s Day is .