First Class Customer Service

First class customer service. You want it. You deserve it. We’ve got it.

At Dusty Shutt Silver, we value our visitors as friends, and enjoy building lasting relationships. We take the time to learn what our friends expect, and we adjust to meet those expectations. We appreciate hearing from our guests and we follow up on both positive and negative feedback. We listen to all concerns and work hard to find a solution. We consider customer service in all aspects of our business and strive to improve our level of service each day.

At Dusty Shutt Silver, we strive for character and integrity in all our business practices and dealings, and for quality in every piece of jewelry we create. We have an in-depth, detailed knowledge of our product and seek out only the best gems, metals, and materials for our jewelry. This means that you are safe when you invest in one of our unique pieces. We work hard to grow in skill and craftsmanship, both exploring the latest trends and remembering the tried and true.

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At Dusty Shutt Silver, we are innovative and adaptive. If your mind’s eye can picture it, we can design it. We will capture the essence of your imagination and create a personalized, hand-crafted piece of wearable art. We go the extra mile to ensure you are truly pleased with your jewelry when we are finished. When you walk into our business, your trust and satisfaction is our aim, and your wish becomes our promise. At Dusty Shutt Silver, we keep the promises we make. Though our nation is swept by an unethical atmosphere, reliability, dependability, and honesty are trademarks of our name.

Come see for yourself today by visiting us at Horse Alley Studio in Old Colorado City at 2425 ¾ Colorado Avenue, and at the WAG in Wickenburg, Arizona.

First class customer service. You want it. You deserve it. We’ve got it.

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