Welcome, New Year!

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It’s nearly here! 2017 is fast coming to a close and 2018 quickly approaches, offering its hand of opportunity and adventure. The new year always brings reflection of the year gone by and anticipation of the year awaiting. Whether you’re an ardent New Year’s resolutions maker or you shun them entirely, we all look forward to positive changes and exciting possibilities. Where do you want to be this time next year? What adjustments do you plan to make to get there? What challenges do you envision, and what is your plan to deal with them? With whom do you want to share these transformations?

Reinventing, or even simply tweaking, a lifestyle, a diet, a relationship, a fitness routine, a career, or a budget requires commitment, stamina, passion, a plan, and a vision. And a little bit of inspiration and reward. When you’ve seen the vision, determined your plan for success, and gathered your commitment and passion, come see us here at Dusty Shutt Silver, Ltd. It’s here you’ll find your inspiration…and your reward.

A new you deserves a new look – something that says that this is the bolder you, the simpler you, the healthier you, or the more successful you. What better way to express your new self than with Colorado High Country Flair? Whether you want bold or gentle, silver or gold, whimsical or classic, gemstones or bone, masculine or feminine, pearls or turquoise, festive or simple, professional or rustic, Dusty Shutt has the jewelry for you.

To find your personalized piece of jewelry, come in to our newest location in Old Colorado City at the historic Horse Alley Studio or to our Wickenburg, Arizona location at the WAG studio. You can also catch us at the Arizona Fine Art Expo January through March! Or browse our website and Facebook page! Dusty Shutt Silver has a varied selection of handmade works of art on display for purchase, and Craig and Dusty stand ready to custom make any piece you design, or to come alongside you in the design process. Your future awaits you in 2018! Come in today. From all of us here at Dusty Shutt Silver, happy New Year to you and yours!

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