Under the White Tents

Have you ever wished to watch world-famous artists work in their medium? Have you ever wanted to speak one-on-one with an artist to ask specific questions and get direct answers? Have you considered that you need a trip to warm weather and exciting exhibits as a winter blahs break? Well, do we have the perfect location for you! Visit with a wide variety of artists in the warmth of Scottsdale, Arizona under the white tents.

Arizona Fine Art Expo.com

The Arizona Fine Art Expo is a world-premier art event. More than 100 artists gather each year to set up working studio booths under the white tents in preparation for your visit. Come watch the creation of exquisite works of art in every imaginable medium. Buy treasures from glassblowers, furniture-makers, jewelry-creators, and silversmiths. Take home a stunning oil painting, a wood chainsaw figure, a delightful piece of hand-crafted jewelry, or a breath-taking photograph. All this and much more under the white tents!


The artists at the Arizona Fine Art Expo are invited as a result of their expertise in their specific field. Each one shines in their medium. Experience spectacular quality, unique personalities, and broad genres. Explore exceptional exhibits, interact with genius creators, and collect masterpieces. Be part of the exciting, exhilarating action under the white tents from 10 AM – 6 PM daily, rain or shine!

photo credit: destinationsdetoursdreams.com

Wander through the booths, and be amazed. And be sure to stop by the Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry booth. Watch specialized silversmiths at work with sterling silver, turquoise, and other fantastic jewelry-making materials. Select from astonishing pieces and collections of hand-crafted jewelry. Ask questions. Try on treasures that catch your eye. Take home unique additions to your personal jewelry assortment. Find us under the white tents in Scottsdale!

And visit (by appointment now through March, as we are at the Arizona Fine Art Expo) Dusty Shutt Silver at Horse Alley Studio in Old Colorado City. Under the white tents or at our studio, be a part of the great art experience.

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