Passionate Pursuit

What is your passion? What, when you think of it, fills you with pleasure and puts a smile on your face? What is it that you pour your heart and soul in to doing? That thing that makes you sweat pride and bleed joy and spend hours passionately pursuing? For Craig and Dusty Shutt, that thing is silversmithing. Even the word itself fills them with excitement. Each day, these two artists plan, imagine, design, .

Our Talk About Jewelry

Okay, let’s talk about our jewelry. We’re getting ready for work or a night out or something in-between, and what are we going to wear for jewelry? We sort through the jewelry box, pushing this and that out of the way, waiting for something to hit us as “perfect” for the occasion. And you know what we usually do? We choose the exact same piece – necklace or bracelet or earrings – we always .