Our Talk About Jewelry

Okay, let’s talk about our jewelry. We’re getting ready for work or a night out or something in-between, and what are we going to wear for jewelry? We sort through the jewelry box, pushing this and that out of the way, waiting for something to hit us as “perfect” for the occasion. And you know what we usually do? We choose the exact same piece – necklace or bracelet or earrings – we always wear.


And why not? It’s our favorite. The piece that gets the compliments. Or that we just plain love and so we wear it to death. We pull it out, slip it on, and nod to ourselves in the mirror with the confidence that comes from comfortable familiarity and the knowledge that we pass our own muster.


Our talk about jewelry must include this important question: Is it a piece of handcrafted Dusty Shutt Silver jewelry? If it is, you know it’ll hold its value and good looks no matter how often you wear it, and that it’ll outlast your lifetime. It’s your treasure, and you can pass it on as a treasure. Someone you love will continue to love it and continue to reap the compliments of your taste and choice. Heirloom quality, uniquely created, a forever source of delight and pride.

Having Dusty Shutt Silver jewelry in your jewelry box makes the going-out choice simple and classy every time. You won’t be pushing Dusty Shutt Silver pieces out of the way to pick around them. You’ll be wearing them. With confidence. And comfortable familiarity. And the knowledge that you pass your own muster.


Aren’t you glad we had our talk about jewelry? Subject settled. What do we choose to wear as jewelry when we go out and about? Dusty Shutt Silver jewelry. Every time. Check us out online, or at Horse Alley Studio in Old Colorado City. When we open our jewelry case we choose Dusty Shutt jewelry pieces. Case closed.

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