Fling into Spring with Dusty Shutt Silver

Spring! Ah, it’s finally arrived. Baby birdies and fluffy bunnies and new buds bursting out everywhere. We’re ready to fling into Spring by opening our windows to let in the warm breezes. And we’re ready to lighten ourselves up as well. We’re ready to let our red toenails see the light of day. Ready for a change of hair style or at least a trim. New, fresh, revived – these are the mantras of Spring. Shall we indulge ourselves in the newness of the season?

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Yes, let’s! Maybe we won’t start our celebration with a new house, car, or job. Maybe we won’t get new carpet, cabinets, or appliances. How about if we fling into Spring with a personal treat? A special treasure from Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry. Bring something new into your life with the purchase of a unique, nature-inspired creation.

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Thinking of something blue? Or green? Rose-tinted? Or ivory? Surrounded by sterling silver and clasped snug around your wrist or gracefully draped around your neck or carefully hung from your ears? Now that’s the way to fling into Spring! Beautifully.


And at Dusty Shutt Silver, we’ve got what you’re looking for. One-of-a-kind pieces that will tickle your fancy. Collections that complete your ensemble with fine flair. Pieces for every-day wearing or for those special occasions. Oh, and don’t forget gift-giving – fling someone you love into Spring with a well-chosen surprise.

Check out our unique treasures online, and visit us at Horse Alley Studio, 2425 #100 W Colorado Avenue, in Old Colorado City. Take advantage of the sweet Spring weather to come discover our distinctive jewelry at Dusty Shutt Silver. Your fling into Spring will bring you pleasure year round when you’re wearing your choice of jewelry from Dusty Shutt Silver.

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