Tell Us About Your Mama

What are you getting your mama for Mother’s Day? Not sure yet? Alright, let’s talk. Tell us about your mama. Trust us, your mother knows you inside out and backward, and we know you know her, too. Oh, maybe not as well as she knows you, but you know her.

Is she the kind of woman who loves all things domestic? Can your mind’s eye look back through the lens of childhood and see her bent over a hot oven, checking the birthday cake or breakfast rolls she diligently and lovingly prepared? Can you still see the floured hand prints on her apron or the back of her skirt? Perhaps a custom-made mother’s ring, complete with her children’s birthstones, would be appreciated.

Is she playful and mischievous? Is there a smile, however sly, always curving her lips? Do jokes abound whenever she’s in the room? Does laughter come easily to her? Do her eyes sparkle with the dawn of each new day, happily seeing the fun to be had? Perhaps a pair of whimsical 3-hoop asymmetrical sterling earrings would be just her thing.

Is she the career woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to go about accomplishing it? Is she goal oriented; do deadlines inspire her? Perhaps a 24K gold Keum Boo and 3-pearl pendant would suit her go-getter personality.

Is she the outdoorsey type, the one who’s always buying new hiking shoes because her last ones have now worn through? Are field guides, binoculars, and water packs her best friends? Does she appreciate rustic beauty and simple living? Perhaps a Wolf Print Burdis Blue cuff bracelet would be her style.

Is she the socialite, the life of the cocktail party? Classy and beautiful, do the finer things of life appeal to her? Perhaps a strand of Baroque pearls will pair well with her lifestyle.

Yes, whatever your mother’s style and personality, Dusty Shutt Silver has something just for her. We will help you find that perfect hand-crafted piece, or we’ll design and create one for you! So come see us at the Horse Alley Studio in Old Colorado City, and tell us about your mama.

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