Lifestyles of Colorado High Country Dwellers

Colorado High Country Dwellers are a unique breed, and their lifestyles and hobbies are just as unique. Colorado’s High Country boasts lakes and meadows, plains and steep terrains, trees and wildflowers, colorful birds and majestic wildlife, herbs and corn and peaches and cantaloupe and wine. Just one look at the towering, rugged peaks or white foam rivers and it’s easy to see why we love it here, and why our jewelry takes the shape and style of the lifestyles of Colorado High Country Dwellers.

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Unisex Pendant; Ithaca Peak Turquoise, Granite & Pyrite w/Sterling Silver Bail.

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As you travel across this great state, you find there is no lack of things to do. Take for instance Buck’s Livery in Durango. Horse back adventure at its finest! Hour long rides, two hour rides, day trips, weekend pack trips, fishing and hunting opportunities. What’s your pleasure? Buck’s delivers.

Horses not your thing? Try a guided Jeep trip into the rugged outdoors. Or if you have your own, join a club and test your skills! Colorado offers over 150 off-road trails of varied difficulty for your pleasure. Denver Mile High Club and Colorado Springs Christian 4-Wheelers (CSC4W) are just two of the many off-road associations available. But remember, always stay the trail!

Canoers, kayakers, jet skiers, and water enthusiasts of all sorts take advantage of the Colorado High Country lakes and rivers. The Grand Mesa on Colorado’s western slope stands over 11,300 feet and is the largest flat top mountain in the world. This towering volcanic formation alone features 300 lakes! Blue Mesa and John Martin reservoirs, among others, fulfill both thrill seekers and those wanting relaxation.

Hikers find their rush as they top the mile-long, 2,000 vertical foot climb up the Manitou Incline in Colorado Springs, or reach the turquoise pool and tumbling waterfalls of Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon. Colorado has over 50 14,000-foot mountains that are topped by over 200,000 people each year.

History buffs find treasures aplenty in this great state. Mesa Verde, Bent’s Old Fort, Rock Ledge Ranch, Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, numerous mines, and many more historic sites are explored by those searching the secrets of Colorado’s history-rich landmarks.

A fresh-air paradise awaits tent-pitchers and trailer campers alike. The wind whispers and sometimes howls through the pines, the aspen’s small, golden leaves quake and rustle in the breeze, and the gentle streams provide peace and retreat from a restless world.

Sand dunes, hot springs, ski areas, rushing rivers, performing arts, lovely vineyards, fabulous shopping, and much, much more bring bird watchers, gamblers, rafters, skiers, sports fans, performers, foodies, and others who love Colorado’s diverse and welcoming culture.

Yes, the lifestyles of Colorado High Country Dwellers are unique. That’s why Dusty Shutt Silver is proud to design and shape jewelry that reflect this beautiful land and its lovers. We know who our friends are, and our pieces showcase their passions and personalities. Come find us on Facebook and in Old Colorado City at Horse Alley Studio, and you’ll see why Colorado High Country Dwellers choose Dusty Shutt Silver.

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