Our Go-To Places

When the world puzzles us or squeezes us or strains us to our limits, we turn to our go-to places. We have go-to places to gather information, engage in interests, indulge in luxury, and where we can just be ourselves. Dusty Shutt Silver has a question: What are your go-to places?


Go-to places have been blessings for a long time.

  • The Bible has guided men and women for thousands of years to knowing God, regarding moral laws, and is still the go-to place for discovering the way to eternal life through the Gospel
  • The Constitution of the United States reveals our freedoms and rights and responsibilities as citizens of this great nation
  • Emily Post’s Etiquette Book taught our mothers and grandmothers how to set a table and conduct themselves in public and a wide variety of situations
  • Even our car manual becomes a last-effort go-to place when we hear a funny sound or feel something unusual as we drive down the road
  • Pinterest boards hold our dream décor ideas, our hobbies, our list of books to read someday, and menu suggestions for tonight
  • Amazon is our go-to place to find something hard to find, something we can’t live without, and things we want others to receive with to-your-door service
  • The local coffee shop where we take our laptop or a book, get our favorite sippy drink, slouch in a chair and get lost, or meet a friend
  • Ah, and our go-to vacation places. Is yours a tent in the mountains? A hotel overlooking the ocean? A cruise ship trip to the Caribbean?
  • In-home go-to places are sanctuaries when we seek peace of mind, spirit, and body. Perhaps your bathroom is an at-home spa, or you may have a comfy stuffed chair with a stack of books on the end table and a coaster for your favorite beverage. Or a porch swing
  • Is wandering in your garden your go-to place where the lovely array of flowers delight your senses and the growing veggies hold promise for your table?

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