Dusty Shutt Silver June 18 Is Your Jewelry Unique and Personal?

Italian charm bracelets were all the rage a few years ago. Each charm had its own story. Unique and personal. I loved mine. And I enjoyed asking others why each charm had been chosen, learning deep and interesting things about the one who wore the bracelet. Charm bracelet wearers were easy to buy gifts for, too. You recalled something special in her life, bought a charm to fit the occasion, and viola! you were a great and thoughtful gift-giver.

Mother bracelets and necklaces are interesting, too. You can get into quite the conversation with the gal who wears one of these. Each stone has its story. And beware getting entangled with the woman who has grandchildren birthstones on her bracelet. I know – I’ve become one of those proud and long-winded ladies. It’s nearly impossible to get away once you’ve asked about someone’s grandchildren. These bracelets are unique and personal to each wearer.

Jewelry usually is personal. Yes, we wear flag pins, usually because we’re proud Americans. We wear a cross necklace, and usually because we’ve come to know Christ. Sometimes we just wear wooden beads or pearls because we want to, or they match what we’re wearing. Or we’d just feel lost without something around our neck or at our wrist. These earrings? Gotta wear earrings every day, right? But usually our jewelry is unique and personal.

Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry is just that: unique and personal. You wear it because you love Dusty’s creations. Because you can’t imagine leaving the house without that special piece you chose and wear with pride. Because you live in the west, and Dusty’s distinctive, nature-inspired jewelry pieces somehow perfectly tell your story. Or because, strolling down Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City, you wandered into Horse Alley Studio, and simply couldn’t imagine life without that special, gloriously hand-crafted piece that called your name from the display case. Unique. And suddenly very personal.

Whatever you’re wearing for jewelry today, make sure it’s unique and personal and from Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry. Fall in love with pieces made just for you. Come into our shop at 2425 #100 W Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City and discover our treasures for yourself. When you own something from here, your jewelry is unique and personal indeed. Don’t you love it that way?!

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