Dusty Shutt Silver July 2018 Celebrations and All That Wonderful Jazz

July, the birth of our nation. We celebrate it in full-blown style! Fireworks and flags, bbqs and watermelon, races and swim parks, ice cream, ice cold beverages, and music. And more fireworks. The activities start days early and go long into the night celebrating our great country and freedoms fought for and won. The star-spangled banner still waves. Dusty Shutt Silver is proud to be part of the Independence Day celebrations and all that wonderful jazz.

Shakespeare wrote, “What a piece of work is a man!” The birth of a human. Talk about celebration and all that wonderful jazz! Mama is amazed and relieved, Dad is proud, and the grandparents are already crazy in love with the newborn. A piece of work, indeed. Ten fingers, ten toes, two ears, two eyes, and a cute button nose. Yawns and hiccups and 3 AM feedings. Suddenly that baby is a grown man or a lovely young lady and we are astonished at how quickly time goes by. Birthdays are a celebration of the person and all life’s wonderful jazz.

Graduations and promotions and weddings – we do them up right. Royal announcements, ceremonies, parties, balloons, flowers, cakes, gifts, yes, celebrations and all that wonderful jazz. Whatever it takes to honor the occasion, we make it happen. Life is to be celebrated, and we revel in our celebrations.

Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry loves celebrating with you. Come in today to Horse Alley Studio in Old Colorado City and we’ll help you choose the perfect gift for the occasion. We have an amazing selection for the guys and gals being celebrated. Strong and masculine pieces, feminine and classy pieces, woodsy pieces, whimsical pieces. Every piece of jewelry hand-crafted with pride. Whatever the commemoration, we’ve got you covered. Stop into 2425 #100 W Colorado Avenue and take home a gift worthy of the celebration and all that wonderful jazz.

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