The Timeless Gift

Each year as our daughter awakes to her first day of school, it is my tradition to greet her with a special breakfast and a “1st day of school surprise fun box”. This box contains freshly sharpened pencils, colorful erasers in fun shapes, some sort of game relating to that year’s subjects, a new outfit of her choosing (usually one involving some sort of cape), and a piece of jewelry.

These enjoyable mornings are relaxed and sweet. After breakfast is eaten and the surprise fun box opened, we unpack our newly restocked Morning Cuddle Basket items and thumb through the new textbooks, living books, games, memory work, and science experiments. We talk through each thing, sniffing stiff pages and beginning the year-long journey of sticky finger smudges and beat up spines and corners. We get started by doing one Cuddle Basket item (usually Bible study, thankfulness journal, or art) and then math and reading. After those subjects, we don’t normally go on to the rest, we instead head out for a field trip! And, of course, it’s all done in the outfit adorned with a cape and the new piece of jewelry.

Yes, we homeschool and our daughter is still in the grammar stage, but this tradition will continue for the rest of her grade-school years, whether she’s homeschooled or public schooled, elementary or high school. Well, at least the special breakfast and the “1st day of school surprise fun box” that includes some new school supplies, a game – and a piece of jewelry.

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