Finding Treasure

When a friend comes at us all excited and babbling about finding a treasure, we’re all ears. Especially when she wants to share info – the where, the what, and the who, so we can get in on the treasure, too. Well, let me tell you about some special treasures you’re gonna want to get in on, no doubt about it….

The Where – Horse Alley Studio is a delightful jewelry shop located in the heart of the shopping area in Old Colorado City. The address is 2425 #100 West Colorado Avenue. Walk in and immediately you’re transported into another realm. Imagery of the old west dressed up with high country flair is everywhere you look. Delicate meets rugged. Feminine meets masculine. Classic meets fun and fantasy. Oh, yeah, finding treasure.

1979 Arati & Horse Alley St

The What – Unique jewelry pieces decked out in turquoise and sterling silver immediately attract your attention inside Horse Alley Studio. Exquisite pieces crafted of stones and metals surround you. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, cuffs, and clever, imaginative pieces to decorate you or someone you love are everywhere you look. And you can’t stop looking. Now that’s finding treasure, right?!

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The Who – Craig and Dusty Shutt are the silversmiths and crafters who design and hand create all the fabulous pieces of jewelry you’ll discover when you visit Horse Alley Studio. Together they work the magic you see lying in the display cases in their shop. Dusty’s artistic imagination is influenced by her love for the Colorado high country, and what she designs, Craig creates. This unbeatable duo shape nature’s gems and stones and metals into “gotta have it” pieces of jewelry. You’ll learn why people are collectors of Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry. It’s like finding treasure. Who can pass that up? No one, that’s for sure.

Come in today to Horse Alley Studio in Old Colorado City and find your own treasures of handcrafted Dusty Shutt Silver jewelry. Then tell your friends where they can find treasures they’ll love. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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