Jewelry Box Treasures

Do you remember your mother’s jewelry box? Was it wooden, or padded cloth? Was it tall and narrow, or shallow and wide? Did it sit on her dresser, or was it on the bathroom counter? Were you allowed to explore the jewelry box treasures, or were you to look but not touch?

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My mother’s jewelry box was shallow and wide and sat on her dresser. When she and Daddy were going out, or even out shopping, she would dress up, and the last thing she did was put on her jewelry. Earrings at least, and maybe a necklace, too. I loved standing beside her as she deliberated over her choice. I wasn’t to touch, but I enjoyed watching as she gently pushed pieces this way and that as she decided on the crowning addition to her look. She had exquisite taste in clothing and accessories, and her jewelry box treasures were thoughtful purchases or heirlooms.


Mother bought me a jewelry box when I was a teenager, and I still use it to this day. It’s tall and narrow and sits atop a chest in the bedroom. My taste in jewelry is simple and tends to the plain, but each piece is a treasure I love, has been chosen carefully, or has been to given me with love and insight to my taste. My daughter has, through the years, given me thoughtfully purchased additions to my jewelry box treasures that I prize.

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And her jewelry box is large, standing in the floor of her bedroom. It has drawers and doors and a mirrored lid. Every section of it has delightful pieces to explore and choose from for the wearing. I borrow from her collection, and her daughter is allowed to explore the nooks and hooks holding jewelry box treasures while her mama gets ready for her day.

Granddaughter’s jewelry box is on the chest in her bedroom and holds fun pieces that appeal to a girl still sampling her tastes in accessories. She comes from a long line of jewelry lovers, and I happily anticipate her jewelry box treasures as she ages and discovers her taste. Then we’ll celebrate that discovery by purchasing pieces that complement her.

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