“What’s New With You?”

“What’s new with you?” With the answer to that wonderfully simple question, we are caught up with dear friends we’ve not seen for awhile. The relationship is refreshed and we’re returned to intimacy in the lives of those we love. News is shared, and we delightfully discover that there was no distance in the relationship regardless of space and time between reunions. You’ll find the same thing between you and Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry.



“What’s new with you?” Come into Horse Alley Studio in Old Colorado City and ask that wonderfully simple question. We’re excited to answer! With Craig and Dusty as the brilliant duo of imagination and craftsmanship, there are always new things to catch up with in our shop. New designs, new collections, new pieces. If you’ve not been in for awhile, now is the time to come in and check out our treasures.

photo credit: www.dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

“What’s new with you?” New designs. Dusty is always imagining a unique piece of jewelry to create. She envisions creations using sterling silver, turquoise, precious and semi-precious stones and metals. Designs that will transform the way you perceive jewelry from now on.

photo credit: www.dustyshuttsilverjewelry

“What’s new with you?” New collections. You can explore the magnificent variety of jewelry pieces and put together necklace, bracelet, and earrings that will become your signature collection. You’ll love wearing the magic handcrafted by Craig and Dusty.


“What’s new with you?” New pieces. Dusty has an eye and heart for pieces of jewelry that reflect nature. Eagles, streams, trees, claws, sunsets, mountains – new pieces are regularly appearing in our showcases. Colorado flair is Dusty’s passion and style. You may discover it’s your style, too.

photo credit: www.dustyshuttsilverjewelry.com

“What’s new with you?” Whether you’re looking for something dainty or rugged, feminine or masculine, classic or unusual, for yourself or as a gift, you’ll find it in Horse Alley Studio, 2425 #100 W Colorado Avenue, Old Colorado City. You’ll find jewelry that makes you smile, jewelry that’s unique, truly great pieces and collections birthed from imagination to bring joy. Next time someone asks, “What’s new with you?” you can show off your latest piece of Dusty Shutt Silver jewelry. Come see us today.

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