Wanted and Welcome

There’s nothing quite like being wanted. It feels good to be welcomed, doesn’t it? We walk into a room, and someone across the way smiles, and we’re put at ease. We make our guests feel welcome in our homes. We make our loved ones feel at home in our hearts. And the most welcoming place in Old Colorado City is Horse Alley Studio, home to Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry.

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Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for a gift, you’re wanted and welcome here. Come wander through our handcrafted treasures. Meet our resident silversmiths. Try on a bracelet. Slip on a necklace. Check yourself out in the mirror. We’ll help you pick and choose, because we understand that the decision may be a difficult one – which do you take home?

Step into the magical world of jewelry inspired by our very own Colorado high country. You’re wanted and welcome here. Dusty’s imagination soars high as the mountains when she’s creating pieces of jewelry. Her mind’s eye captures the wild and the beautiful and transforms sterling silver, turquoise, and other natural materials into just that – the wild and the beautiful. Wolves and streams, cactus and sunsets, mountains and trees – she sees these, and Craig fashions them into pieces of wearable art.

2425#100 W Colorado Avenue. You’re wanted and welcome here. Here you can forget the outside pressures for a few moments as you’re transported into the past, the present, and the future of custom jewelry. Dusty and Craig are presenting enchanting new pieces regularly. Fascination joins you as you explore our show cases. Feel the weight of that cuff! Check out the fantasy of the Bubbles collection! The pendants will transport you to the wilderness and the woods. Marveling is wanted and welcome here.

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At Horse Alley Studio, we love interacting with you. We’ll tell you the story behind the piece you’re interested in. You’ll recognize our passion in everything we create. Come on in this holiday season. You’re wanted and welcome here.