‘Tis the Season

Life has its seasons. This reality dawned on me when my pastor prayed that God would strengthen me “in this season of life.” Mother was ill and my sister and I were taking turns keeping her in her home while she recovered. Since then, I’ve watched and recognized life’s seasons for myself and those around me.

Life’s seasons include our own childhood, which, hopefully, we look back on with fond and funny memories.“When I was a kid” is a line that generally provides a good story and a good laugh. And life’s seasons include our own children. Now that season has its stories! Our tiptoe trips around the house to let Baby sleep, her first steps, and his first trip to the ER for stitches. They grew up overnight, as we look back on it, and that season was filled with its trials and treasures. Memories we want to keep forever and some memories we hope to forget.

Life’s seasons include marriage – one of the greatest blessings on earth. Two people growing together through life’s seasons, adapting, improvising, and overcoming, as the saying goes. The stories of struggles and joys intermingle as we look back through the years. “Remember when…” conversations keep the memories fresh. And as we age, laughter is a good medicine, so a hearty laugh as we recall incidents in life’s seasons helps keep us healthy and happy. Death comes into those memories, and, sometimes, divorce. But we hold onto the good memories and let the rough ones fade away.

Life’s seasons of work, which never seemed to end, and play, which always ended too soon, stay with us. Our career, our many hats, keeping up house and home, serving God and others – this is the stuff of life’s seasons. On some things we’re ready to see the close come, other things we hope never end. And so it is with these seasons of life.

The world has its seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter each has its dress, its ups and downs, its drearies and delights. At this Christmas season and end of year celebrations, we rejoice at that long-ago new birth that brought freedom from fear of the future to mankind. And we look forward to whatever the future brings.

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