Gifts From the Heart Hold Our Heart

Gifts from the heart hold our heart, don’t they? We hold the gifts in our hand, our mind, and our emotions. They become a part of us. We linger over them in our thoughts, and appreciate the giver anew each time we admire the gift. What’s so special about these gifts from the heart?


The giver thought of us. Whether it’s the child’s gift of picked dandelions, or a page torn from a coloring book shaded all in purple, when the treasure is presented with “Here, I did this for you,” our heart melts a bit. And the dandelions are gently placed into a book for preserving, or the picture is positioned on the front of the refrigerator for continued admiration.

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“Here, I thought of you.” The gift may be a book we said we’d like to own but put off purchasing for ourselves. Perhaps it’s a framed photo of us and our friend taken in a special place on a special occasion. Every time we sit to read the book, or stop for a lingering glance at the photo atop the bookshelf, we’ll mentally thank the giver, for gifts from the heart hold our heart.


“I bought this for you.” Gifts of jewelry especially hold our heart. And especially when the gift is from Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry. Because these gifts are from Dusty’s heart, too. Dusty loves creating unique pieces of jewelry. Thoughts born in her heart and imagination are brought into being as handcrafted treasures for us to wear and give to our loved ones. Her love of nature shines in amazing portrayal through her craftsmanship. She is passionate about presenting gifts from her heart that hold our heart.

photo credit: Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry

Come into Horse Alley Studio to see Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry on display. We’re located at 2425 #100 W Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City. Take home a treasure for yourself, or choose a gift created from Dusty’s heart and hands as a gift to hold the heart of someone you love. You’ll forever be glad you did.