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Playing with Fire: Not Yet!

Larimar Pendant on Sterling Silver Neck wire
Boy was I wrong when I said I should be done with organizing and back to creating. Most of the month of February was still spent organizing although I did play with fire on 1 day for about 10 minutes as I learned how to use my butane torches. I haven’t played with them since. Between taxes and cleaning… AND spending 19 days in Canada, I haven’t had the chance to light up a .

Walking Out of the Forest with a New Name

Cobblestoned Bracelet, Rings & Cobblestoned Pendant
January 29, 2013 What does “Walking Out of the Forest with a New Name” have to do with silversmithing? It’s a good question and has everything to do with my silversmithing studio. As of New Year’s Day The Forest’s Edge, Ltd. became Dusty Shutt Silver, Ltd. We have a new name, but provide the same high quality jewelry inspired by nature’s beauty with a southwest flavor and a little bit of bling! But why did I change .

Shark’s Teeth – Old & New

Tiger Shark Tooth Pendant with Garnet Cab
November 12, 2012  So what does shark teeth have to do with silversmithing? Well, as much as you want to have it. During high school, many many years ago I was fascinated with sharks. They were one of my favorite subjects to draw and I was thrilled when “Jaws” came out. I even purchased a shark’s tooth… it was a tiger shark’s tooth, not a great white and I wore it everywhere all of .

Lady Gaga: Lady in Red

Lady Gaga Skeleton dressed in Red
 October 20, 2012  It’s been another 10 days and I really haven’t worked on much silver, but I have completed my katrina for Dia de los Muertos. While it was time consuming to make her, it took quite a bit of time to engineer her sitting on a candlestick holder. Because of the hat, she wasn’t going to hang on the wall like last year’s katrina. Hence, I needed to figure out how to .

“Sugar” Skulls & Silver

October 10, 2012  It’s been 10 days since I posted anything primarily because it’s been 10 days since I did anything with silver… that’s not exactly the way things should be going. However, the reason for not working silver is that I’ve been working “sugar” skulls for Dia de los Muertos. My “sugar” skulls aren’t actually made of sugar & royal frosting like they are in Mexico, but are paper maché skulls to which .

A Chapter Closes

Jewelry being Taken to Cottonwood Gallery
September 30, 2012  A chapter comes to a close and a new one begins! This week has been an eventful one as my responsibilities for the Cottonwood Artists’ School draws to a close and my responsibilities as Cottonwood’s Education Consultant starts to surface. Until a new Education Manager actually steps into place, I am the contact person for the school’s instructors. I’m excited about the new position primarily because I get to spend more .

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons Available

Sterling Silver Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Earrings
September 28, 2012  Tonight was the Opening Reception for the Susan G Komen for the Cure at Cottonwood Center for the Arts. While I did make some sales tonight from my studio; none of it was jewelry. There was a lot of interest in my coral & amber necklace, and it was tried on. Unfortunately, it went back onto the mannequin. People are intrigued with the neck wire and really like the stone combination. .

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons

Sterling Silver Ribbon Pendant set with a Synthetic Rose Zircon
September 27, 2012  Today I accomplished completing 3 projects thanks to my mentor, Sandy Murphy. Without the use of her Optivisor, I’d have never been able to see the stones to set them. I was able to complete 2 pairs of post earrings and a pendant. I plan on completing the last pair of earrings (finishing) and the remaining 2 pendants tomorrow before the opening reception of the Susan G Komen for the Cure – .

Another Quick Summary

September 24, 2012  And once again I resort to a quick summary instead of a daily adventure. The upside is that I’m only a week down… the downside is just like everything else, the details will be missing. After reviewing last week’s Ribbons, Lace & Larimar, I’ve decided to update the status of a couple of them as well as add a new one. 1) Let’s start with Lace – The sketch shows the piercing .

Ribbons, Lace & Larimar

September 17, 2012  A lot of things have happened since the post of September 4. While the title Ribbons, Lace & Larimar rolls off the tongue, I’m going to report on the projects in a slightly different order. 1) Lace – After burning through (also interpreted as “melting through”) two separate bezel wires (7″ long each) while trying to solder it to the base, I’ve decided that I’ve learned a rather expensive lesson… one that I really .