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Roots With Wings – When Heirloom Jewelry Gets A Makeover

You’ve inherited your great aunt’s wonderful old jewelry pieces, but they’re not your style. Don’t drop the pieces into your jewelry box and forget about them. Oh, no. There’s way too much fun to be had with them to do that! They’ve lots of wear left in them! Your imagination is the limit to what these treasures can be transformed into with just a little help from the jewelers at Dusty Shutt Silver.   .

What’s Hanging in Your Jewelry Wardrobe?

Every girl knows about that perfect piece of jewelry, whether it’s a necklace or earrings or a bracelet, that has the amazing ability to pull her outfit together as if by magic. No, she will not loan it. She may need it tomorrow. It’s her go-to piece every time. A charm, if you will. She won’t be without it. It brings completion to her look, and she might as well not go out if .

Dusty Shutt Silver – For the Nature-Lover in You

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” as the saying goes, but what if you’re a nature-lover who genuinely prefers sterling silver and turquoise to gold and diamonds? Dusty Shutt Silver understands and fulfills your preference.   Are you searching for a jeweler who inspires the nature-lover that indwells your soul? Dusty Shutt’s hand-crafted pieces allow you to wear the glory of the sky and lake, the majesty of the mountains, the mystery of the .

Colorado Flair: Fun Facts and Fabulous Jewelry

Colorado is a top vacation destination in these United States. This state has much about which to boast. Incredible, jaw-dropping beauty abounds at incredible altitude. Colorado flair is everywhere. And Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry shows off some of that Colorado flair with incredible attitude. Check out the grand variety of hand-crafted, nature-inspired jewelry pieces created by Dusty Shutt Silver Jewelry with that Colorado high-country flair. And check out these facts for some fun info .

Handcrafted Jewelry with a Colorado Flair

When you’re shopping for hand-crafted jewelry, what do you have in mind? Do you want something already created? Dusty Shutt Silver has unique pieces for you to examine. Pieces shaped of sterling silver and turquoise and other natural materials – hand-crafted jewelry with a Colorado flair. Pieces country rugged and city smooth. Jewelry for your throat, wrist, fingers, and ears.  Come, take home your treasure.   Do you want a piece of hand-crafted jewelry .

Your Jewelry Can Express the True You

Jewelry is an investment. No one questions that. You want your symbol of love and marriage, or your other accessories, to be of fine quality. So why not choose custom jewelry, a look unique to you, instead of laying out your finances for something anyone else might be wearing? It’s a question to consider….   For the man or woman of discriminating taste, unique and distinctive jewelry is where you find yourself.  You want .

When Your Jewelry Tells Your Story

The pieces of jewelry we wear often tell a story. Our wedding band and rings carry deep meaning for us of our life-covenant to love and be loved by our spouse. Mothers wear rings or necklaces with the birth month jewels of their children. Bracelets bear the charms that reveal that we love America, or New York, or margaritas. Earring emblems vary with our activities, ranging from poinsettias and snowmen for fun at Christmas, .

The Tale Your Jewelry Tells

Even without our speaking, our appearance speaks for and of us.  Our choice of clothing, style, accessories – all these together reveal and reflect our habits, sophistication, profession, and level of self-respect. These outward expressions of our inner selves speak volumes to others.   Stephen Covey suggested that we develop a changeless sense of who we are, what we are about, and what we value.  For it is the “within” that is revealed by .

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone

Are you looking for unique Christmas gifts?  Gifts as distinctive as the one you love?  At Dusty Shutt Silver, you’ve struck the motherlode for Christmas gift ideas for your special someone.  Beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry pieces that are sure to delight the heart and inspire the spirit of your beloved.   Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will express your heart for your special someone – or to wear as your .

That Handsome Couple – Silver and Turquoise

Sterling silver is the spectacular showcase for turquoise in pieces of Southwest jewelry.  And it’s not a new coupling.  This handsome couple of silver and turquoise have been together from way back. Silver first began to be mined about 5000 years ago in the region that is now Turkey.   After a few thousand years, Greece became the silver mining center.  Spain’s silver mines were the next major production source.  After that, silver mining moved .