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How to Clean Your Silver Jewelry

We’ve all had it happen: Our exquisite piece of silver jewelry loses its luster or begins to turn odd hues of brown, yellow, or black. Silver jewelry contains an amount of copper, which makes it strong enough to be used in jewelry. Over time, as the copper is combined with moisture and sulfur present in the air, it can cause jewelry to tarnish. Thankfully, this isn’t a permanent condition, and you can easily restore .

December’s Crown Jewel

Whether it’s a birthstone ring you received on your 13th birthday, a proudly worn necklace with each of your children’s birthstones, or a watch with a solitary gem marking your birth month, you’ve probably worn or admired a birthstone. This single shining jewel signifies the time of year we came into the world, and it gives special meaning to the piece of jewelry on which we wear it.   Though the idea of birthstones is .

Turquoise Mines of Colorado

Colorful Colorado: Home to six military bases, 53 fourteeners, the world’s largest flattop mountain, America’s highest paved road, the highest mean altitude of all the states, and the highest incorporated city in the United States.  Colorado also hosts the world’s largest rodeo each year, features 222 wildlife areas, and lays claim to the longest continuous street in the country.   And Colorado contains several high-quality turquoise mines.   Though not as famous, Colorado’s turquoise .