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Wear the Wild

Father’s Day approaches. And so starts the mad scramble: what do we buy him this year? A gift card from the local hardware store for yet another tool? A tie he’ll never wear even if it is a Jerry Garcia? A wallet? Dusty Shutt Silver has a better idea for items on your shopping list. Let’s honor our man and choose a gift he’ll wear with pride while feeling that we really do get .

The Value of a Dad

It’s been said that “we all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how.” That is the value of a dad. All men are dads to some extent – whether he’s a biological father or a step-dad, a mentor or a role model, every man is seen as “Dad” to someone somewhere. And that is the value of a dad. Billy Graham once said that “A good father is one .

Wear the Flair

Colorado natives are a proud crowd. They brag about the Bi-centennial state and her many splendors, and are fervent followers of her extreme sports. Colorado high country flair is wide-flung wherever they look. Climbing the “fourteeners” to breathe fresh air on mountaintops, bicycling the miles and miles of rugged trails, jeepers and skiers and hikers – whatever her natives, and visitors, are into, Colorado provides soaring scenery and perfect playgrounds.   Colorado high country .

The Prom: Jewelry for all Ages and Stages

Prom season has arrived again! Flowing dresses and done-up hair, long limos and nervous dates, corsages and boutonnieres, loud music and fun dances. Chaperons keep a watchful eye out and young hopefuls do, too. The excitement, the tension, and the fun in the atmosphere is palpable during this season. Of course, the dress is of utmost importance for a young lady attending the prom. It must fit well, it must move well, and it .

A Flair for the Fabulous

Are you looking for a jeweler with a flair for the fabulous? Let me introduce you to Dusty Shutt, the imaginative creator-half of the silversmith team at Dusty Shutt Silver Ltd. Dusty thinks outside the box. Her imagination soars among the peaks of the Colorado mountains, sails along the raging whitewater rivers, and strolls amidst the wildflowers of the fields. Her handcrafted jewelry reflects the inspiration gathered from this wild natural beauty into pieces of jewelry .

5 Ways to Get Your Man to Buy You Jewelry

It’s an age old complaint: “My man never buys me jewelry!” But how many of us ladies realize that the solution may just lie with…us? Let’s look at five reasons men often don’t buy jewelry, and five ways to get your man to buy you jewelry! 1. Men don’t know what their ladies like or want. OK, ladies, we have a bad habit of expecting men to just “know” what we like and what .

A New Love for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to fall in love. And we’re here to be your matchmaker! We have the perfect match for you and are excited to make the introduction! We may half-heartedly deny it, but we all want an eye-catcher when we fall in love.  One with good looks, a unique character that’s not influenced by every fashion and fancy that floats by, with a sense of personal style, of enduring .

Dusty Shutt Silver: For Those on Your Nice List!

My, how time flies doesn’t it!? How is it mid-December already? Pumpkin spice everything magically turned into peppermint everything and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…even if Colorado’s weather does seem a bit bipolar this year. But it’s just over a week until Christmas and it’s not too late to check those lists twice. Who are you buying for this Christmas? A spouse? A treasured child? A teenager becoming an adult? And .

Your Style, Your Way

Do you regularly peruse jewelry ads just to be disappointed – yet again? Do you find yourself admiring another person’s accessories, all the while thinking of how you would prefer it just a bit different? Do others gift you pendants or earrings, but they just aren’t your style? Then come to Dusty Shutt Silver, Ltd. to get your style, your way. Don’t like dangles or noisy charms? Don’t care for tight fitting chokers or .