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New Ways to Wear Your Old Jewelry

We women are infamous for peering into our closets, which are stuffed to the hilt with all sorts colorful clothes, and wistfully muttering, “I have nothing to wear!” What we mean, of course, is “I have nothing I want to wear today!” Not one garment in that overflowing wardrobe appeals to our mood that day. The once “simply marvelous” top, or fits-just-right pair of pants, now hangs unused because we want to wear something .

How to Choose the Right Necklace Length for Every Occasion

Take a look through your jewelry box. Do you find a necklace or two, or more, that you love, but never wear? Maybe it doesn’t lay correctly on your collar bone, or reaches just the wrong spot on that one dress it matches. Perhaps you love the look of it, but wish it were shorter – or longer. And remember, different necklace lengths fall differently on men than on women, and even on different .