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Under the White Tents

Have you ever wished to watch world-famous artists work in their medium? Have you ever wanted to speak one-on-one with an artist to ask specific questions and get direct answers? Have you considered that you need a trip to warm weather and exciting exhibits as a winter blahs break? Well, do we have the perfect location for you! Visit with a wide variety of artists in the warmth of Scottsdale, Arizona under the white .

Coloradans at the Arizona Fine Arts Expo

We are already over a month into the nearly three-month long Arizona Fine Arts Expo. What a wonderful opportunity we have to showcase our Dusty Shutt Silver, Ltd. jewelry and to get to know the fine arts and artists making an appearance here.   Our beautiful state of Colorado is well represented here at the Expo. Guadalupe Apodaca of Fort Collins amazes fans and critics alike with precise portrayals of a person’s face in .

Dusty Shutt Silver, Ltd. is There

Ten weeks. Over 100 studios showcasing exquisite designs from both nationally celebrated and up-and-coming artists. Myriad creations from across America and around the world. Forty-four thousand square feet of white canvas tents, affording art lovers the opportunity to talk face-to-face with the artists, hear their stories, and experience art afresh. And Dusty Shutt Silver, Ltd is there.   From ornate paintings to rustic sculptures, stunning photography to intricate figurines, distinctive pottery to bold bronzes, .