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The Furnace and The Hammer

The furnace refines and softens. The hammer shapes. The silversmith uses both to form the silver into pieces of jewelry you want to wear. The blast of heat removes impurities and brings sterling silver to its best value. The fire takes the silver from solid and unyielding to malleable, ready to be shaped by the craftsman’s imagination.                                   .

A New Love for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to fall in love. And we’re here to be your matchmaker! We have the perfect match for you and are excited to make the introduction! We may half-heartedly deny it, but we all want an eye-catcher when we fall in love.  One with good looks, a unique character that’s not influenced by every fashion and fancy that floats by, with a sense of personal style, of enduring .

Tradition with a Twist

Large Bad Boys Aspen Leaf
Jewelry-making is a tradition of people-groups around the globe. Native Americans are long famous for stunning handmade adornments. Known world-wide for their use of the silver-turquoise combination, American Indians have been making jewelry since ancient times, using the natural elements around them.   Sterling silver was incorporated into their craft in the 1800’s when the Spaniards came. The paired silver and turquoise has been appreciated and worn as adornment for nearly two hundred years. .

Created to Create

“We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10 Mankind is gifted with many things. We enjoy the countless blessings God bestows upon us and are privileged to share them with others. One of the many blessings He gives is the ability to fashion works of art. As God’s handiwork, we are created to create. We have eyes to visualize .

Meet the Artists Behind Dusty Shutt Silver

Artists are a unique class of folk. They can be eccentric. Sometimes reclusive. Always fascinating. Some are successful, but most seem to start hungry – the proverbial struggling artist. But when an artist finds her groove, and her partner in creative skills, that duo can be unparalleled in their field. Enter Dusty and Craig Shutt, Colorado Springs silversmiths extraordinaire.   The medium for these two artists is silver, sterling silver to be exact. Sterling .

Interesting Silver Facts

As our name suggests, Dusty Shutt Silver is in love with all things silver. One of the best known precious metals, silver has been used by man for thousands of years and has a rich history. Silver has the chemical symbol Ag, which is short for its Latin name, Argentum, meaning shiny or white. While silver was largely used for jewelry, ornaments, and utensils, it’s also been used as a trade currency.   Silver .

How to Clean Your Silver Jewelry

We’ve all had it happen: Our exquisite piece of silver jewelry loses its luster or begins to turn odd hues of brown, yellow, or black. Silver jewelry contains an amount of copper, which makes it strong enough to be used in jewelry. Over time, as the copper is combined with moisture and sulfur present in the air, it can cause jewelry to tarnish. Thankfully, this isn’t a permanent condition, and you can easily restore .

That Handsome Couple – Silver and Turquoise

Sterling silver is the spectacular showcase for turquoise in pieces of Southwest jewelry.  And it’s not a new coupling.  This handsome couple of silver and turquoise have been together from way back. Silver first began to be mined about 5000 years ago in the region that is now Turkey.   After a few thousand years, Greece became the silver mining center.  Spain’s silver mines were the next major production source.  After that, silver mining moved .

Playing with Fire: Not Yet!

Larimar Pendant on Sterling Silver Neck wire
Boy was I wrong when I said I should be done with organizing and back to creating. Most of the month of February was still spent organizing although I did play with fire on 1 day for about 10 minutes as I learned how to use my butane torches. I haven’t played with them since. Between taxes and cleaning… AND spending 19 days in Canada, I haven’t had the chance to light up a .

Walking Out of the Forest with a New Name

Cobblestoned Bracelet, Rings & Cobblestoned Pendant
January 29, 2013 What does “Walking Out of the Forest with a New Name” have to do with silversmithing? It’s a good question and has everything to do with my silversmithing studio. As of New Year’s Day The Forest’s Edge, Ltd. became Dusty Shutt Silver, Ltd. We have a new name, but provide the same high quality jewelry inspired by nature’s beauty with a southwest flavor and a little bit of bling! But why did I change .